(Kansas City, MO)  --  Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe is dealing with some legal issues after being arrested Saturday night.  A Riverside, Missouri Police press release states that Bowe was pulled over for speeding and arrested for marijuana possession.  Two passengers were in the vehicle with Bowe, who was booked for speeding and possession and was later released on 750-dollars bond. 

After smelling pot, a K-9 officer used a dog to detect three separate containers in the vehicle with amounts ranging from 3.8 grams to 6.6 grams.  Two of them were in a black bag that appeared to belong to Bowe, whose wallet was inside the bag.  The third container apparently belonged to one of the passengers.  The third passenger was not arrested, but posted bond for the other two.  A court date of December 18th has been set.  Kansas City was on a bye this past weekend.  The 9-and-0 Chiefs play the 8-and-1 Denver Broncos this Sunday